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Gem Squash

New season starts September 2024!

We'll be planting the next crop in May

This marvellous little squash is full of flavour, and if you haven’t tried it come along to The Veg Shed if you’re local, see us in Salisbury and Shaftesbury on market days or, if you live anywhere else in the UK, order online via our online shop at Of course, if you’re from South Africa or Zimbabwe, you’ll already be familiar with the gem squash! We’ll be really happy to be sending out 5kg or 10kg boxes of gems all over the country by carrier.

Trade enquiries are also welcome. We can supply you with gem squash. Order below for 175kg.

This is the third year of growing an excellent variety of gem squash from South Africa, which has produced an excellent crop of delicious gems with hard, dark green skins.

Our favourite way to cook gems is to cut in half and bake for 20mins face down, then scoop out the pips and add a little butter. Or you can boil whole for a similar length of time (remember to piece first!).


Ordering Gem Squash:

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Order below for wholesale 175kg:

Gem Squash

Have a look at the gem squash crop in this youtube video!

Kensons Gem squash GD 2022 front_edited.jpg

Postcard by Gemma Dunn

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