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About Kensons Farm

Kensons Farm is run by Liz and Hugh Collins and has been certified organic since 2001.

The vegetable crops are spread between four 5-acre fields, an acre of summer plots and 2000m2 polytunnels. One of the most important crops is asparagus, which covers a further 3 acres. Our speciality seasonal crop is gem squash.

The field crops are potatoes, brassicas, onions/leeks and carrot/parsnips, and squashes. These are the main vegetables for the period between late summer and early spring, either stored in the shed or braving the winter in the ground.

The main source of fertility is red clover and rye grass, which starts and finishes a rotation cycle. These green manures provide abundant organic matter to feed the soil, and the roots of clover capture nitrogen from the air.

In the polytunnels, we use lots of compost, as well as green manures such as phacelia. This is a marvellous plant originally from the Mediterranean, which smothers weeds trying to grow alongside and produces a lovely purple flower full of nectar, which is great for bees and other insects.

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